Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Your Dentist’s Office Improves the Appearance of Your Smile

There are two types of dental visits that usually make a patient feel happy afterwards – getting braces removed and completing a teeth whitening session. In both cases you leave looking better than when you came in. The results of professional teeth whitening are often particularly pleasing to patients because the improvement happens in just one fairly quick visit. Learn how an in-office dental whitening treatment can improve your smile significantly in a very short period of time.

How Do Teeth Get Yellow?

Teeth are made up of a top enamel layer and a layer called dentin below that. Both layers are susceptible to staining and yellowing. Discoloration usually happens to your teeth over time and so gradually that you barely notice it until one day your smile is a shadow of its former self.

As children our teeth are bright and pearly white, but as we get older, our teeth begin to yellow over time. Discoloration can occur due to external issues, like eating certain colored foods or using toothpaste that contains too much fluoride, or internal issues like taking antibiotics and problems related to the inner pulp. Smoking is also a major cause of yellowing teeth.

The Whitening Process

There are a few different name brand whitening systems that dentists use in their offices. The average system includes a special high-powered light-emitting tool, bleaching gel, mouth trays and other preparatory items.

First, the dentist may polish the surface of the teeth in preparation for the bleaching gel and insert a mouth tray designed to keep your lips and cheeks away from your teeth. For your protection, the dentist then applies a material to keep the bleaching gel from coming in contact with your gums. When ready, the dentist applies the whitening gel and then uses the light-emitting tool to trigger the whitening ingredient in the gel. Finally, you must wait up to an hour (depending on how white you want your teeth) before the bleaching solution is removed.

What Are the Results?

When you complete an in-office whitening session, it is possible to brighten your teeth up to ten shades in one visit. Your dentist can show you a model showing different shades of white so that you can both decide together what color will best fit your smile.

Teeth Whitening Colarado Springs, CO

Safety First

An in-office whitening is usually a very safe procedure, but remember that in some cases the bleaching gel can irritate a patient's gums and the bleaching agent is very strong – strong enough to damage the enamel if misused. Going to the dentist for an in-office whitening is preferable to take-home methods because a professional knows the necessary precautions to take to avoid these issues. Tell your dentist if you have had any issues in the past related to whitening gels or gum sensitivity.

Getting an in-office tooth whitening treatment can be a very rewarding experience. Contact your Dentist in Colorado Springs, CO today for a consultation and to discuss the procedure in more detail. 

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