VIP Ammenities

What Sets Us Apart From Other Dental Practices?

Our philosophy at Associates in Dental Care is to provide total care for our patients. We offer a comfortable, spa like atmosphere, combined with the best technology that science has to offer today. This enables us to provide the best dental experience possible.

Our goal is to keep our patients healthy, and to give them healthy dention for their whole lives.

To help us create this oasis for your dental care, we proudly provide the following amenities:

  • Therapeutic Paraffin Hand Treatments made with Essential Oils
  • Heated Neck Supports
  • Relaxing Warm Blankets
  • DVD Players - Select from our in-house library, or bring your favorite movie from home
  • Radios with Headphones - Listen to your favorite station while your work is being done
  • Calming Salt Water Fish Tank
  • Refreshing Beverage Station

We offer Complete Family Dentistry, for patients from 1-101, including special needs patients.

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